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The Idaho Recreational Vehicle (RV) Fund

The Idaho Recreational Vehicle (RV) Program was established by the 1985 Idaho Legislature in response to requests from RV users to receive benefits from the registration fees they pay. As stated in Idaho Code, the purpose of the account is to provide financial assistance in the form of grants to public agencies to provide facilities for the RV user. This includes improvements to campgrounds, campsites, dump stations and general RV access statewide. Currently the funding level is approximately $4.8 million annually.

State Statutes:

The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR) has been given the responsibility of administering this grant account. Department staff and the RV Advisory Committee are eager to work with governmental agencies to provide safe, enjoyable recreational vehicle facilities.

You can learn more about the Idaho RV Program, including dates, deadlines, Advisory Committee Members and grant submission rules by downloading a Grant Manual from the main Grants and Funding page.

Idaho RV Fund Facts

  • Granted over $50 million in RV projects since its inception
  • Combined with matching funds, that’s over $90 million in improvements to RV facilities statewide
  • More than 650 projects have been completed to date

Approved Projects

Highlighted Projects (by Region)

Questions & Answers

Q. Who makes the decision regarding projects funded by the Idaho RV Program?

A. Projects are reviewed and ranked by the Idaho RV Advisory Committee. You can learn more about Advisory Committee’s, membership and how to participate. The Idaho Park and Recreation Board has the authority to approve the recommendations made by the Idaho RV Advisory Committee. You can read more about the Powers of the Board here.

Q. How many RVs are registered in Idaho each year?

A. The Idaho Transportation Department managed the registration and renewal of RVs in Idaho.

Q. How are my RV registration fees decided?

A. Annual RV license fees in Idaho are determined by Idaho Code 49-445. There’s additional information in Idaho Code 49-446 that speaks specifically to County Assessor’s and their role in fee collection.

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