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Idaho State Park yurts are circular, Mongolian-style domed tents. Every park yurt is about 20 feet in diameter with a plywood floor, canvas and hardwood sidewalls and a skylight. Each yurt can sleep up to five or six people and is built to withstand high winds, snow loads and summer heat. With lockable wood doors, windows with screens and storm flaps Idaho State Park yurts are a comfortable, peaceful and safe place to be, even in winter! Some parks allow pets in yurts, but please check with the park first.

Hwy 21 has every potential of closing during the winter snow storms. That definitely is a possibility with any backcountry adventure, and it is why we provide so much information on the website to prepare our guests for their trip. ITD is aware of our six backcountry yurts and tries to plow the roads as quickly as possible but that can take a few hours, or it could take longer.  In that case, you stay put at the yurt until you know that the road is open. That is why taking a personal GPS or satellite communication device and notifying someone back home of your trip is highly recommended.  You can contact your part back home to verify if the road is open. With that said, It is also advised that you prepare for an extended stay, extra food, propane, meds, etc. Most importantly though, if the road is closed, please stay put inside the yurt. Do not try to drive down the road until ITD clears it.

Idaho City Backcountry Yurt Manual

Winter Parking for Park N’ Ski Lots:

Idaho City Grooming Updates

Grooming has commenced for the Winter 2022-2023 season and * Our regular Grooming schedule, weather permitting, will be as follows: 

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the Skyline, Elkhorn, Banner Ridge and Summit trails.  And on Fridays the Gold Fork and Skyline Loops. 


For more current grooming conditions please check our Facebook page 

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Idaho City Backcountry Yurts

If you really want to get away from it all, try an Idaho City Backcountry Yurt!

Park N’ Ski Pass

You will need a Park N’ Ski Pass to park up by the yurts.

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