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Experience Idaho Loaner Backpacks: An Extension of the Junior Ranger Program offered within Idaho’s State Parks

Getting children outside and exploring the natural world is one of Idaho State Park’s most important goals. We thank you for making plans to take your child to an Idaho State Park and want to help you help them have a great experience outdoors. The Experience Idaho Loaner Backpack program provides a backpack for your child, filled with great items to learn about and explore Idaho’s State Parks. The backpacks are made available free of charge for use during your stay.

Each Gootium backpack contains all that you need for a self-guided trek through the park. With binoculars, magnifiers, field guides, and other equipment to enrich your exploration and understanding of nature.

The Experience Idaho Loaner Backpack Program is the legacy of Governor Dirk Kempthorne, encouraging Idahoans to experience the wonders of nature. The program was made possible by very generous donations to the Friends of Idaho State Parks. Special thanks to Gootium for donating the program backpacks.

To check-out a backpack, visit with park staff inside the visitor center.

Visit these Idaho state parks for Experience Idaho Backpacks:

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