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The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation is dedicated to providing reasonable accommodations to visitors with disabilities to our facilities and programs to the greatest practical extent.

In compliance with the intent and spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act, we strive to provide equal access in a respectful and dignified manner. Please see the Accessibility tab on our Find-a-Park Guide for campsites, cabins, paths and other amenities with accessibility features.

We provide reasonable accommodations and modify our activities or programs if appropriate without fundamentally altering the experience. Occasionally, due to the significance of historical properties, physical modifications are neither feasible nor required by law. In such cases, we will strive to provide access through alternative methods, such as: video interpretation, displaying exhibits in accessible spaces, or using other alternatives to provide access.

Requesting an Accommodation

We ask those who may need an access accommodation to make a request 10 business days in advance to allow reasonable time for arranging needed resources. The department will make every attempt to honor requests on a shorter time frame, if possible.

To request an accommodation, please:

  • Call 208-514-2254 or 208-514-2430 to speak to staff.

If an individual is dissatisfied with the department’s response to a request, the State of Idaho has an ADA Coordinator as a potential resource.

Additionally, wishes to ensure accessibility of web resources for all users and has been designed for use in a wide variety of browsers and with assistive technologies in mind.

The portal complies with Idaho’s Web Publishing Guidelines (which are based on the W3C’s Priority 1 checkpoints) but cannot guarantee that links to sites outside the portal architecture are accessible.

Improving the site’s accessibility for citizens with disabilities is one of our top priorities. We welcome suggestions or comments on this topic. Simply email our webmaster.

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