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The Idaho Motorbike Program

The Idaho Motorbike Program is funding derived from the sale of ATV, Motorbike and UTV registrations annually. These funds can be used for the following:

  1. For the securing of special leases or permits, or for the actual purchase of land under private, state or federal ownership to be used for recreational off-highway vehicle activity;
  2. For the securing, maintenance, construction or development of trails and other recreational facilities for off -highway vehicle use on state and federal lands;
  3. To finance the formulation and implementation under the board’s direction of an off the road rider education program.
  4. To acquire applicable federal matching funds.

The typical grant funding level for the program is approximately $300,000 annually.

You can learn more about the Idaho Motorbike Program, including dates, deadlines, Advisory Committee Members and grant submission rules by downloading a Grant Manual from the main Grants and Funding page.

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