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May 30, 2024 Construction Update:

The main park entrance off Highway 44/State Street will reopen June 4th, 8 a.m., about a month ahead of schedule. But this is a temporary reopening, lasting through July 7th, and will end to allow the completion of a water-line-and-paving project on the entrance road. During this time:

  • The secondary entrance off Hatchery/Linder roads will remain in operation.
  • The entrance road will be gravel, and the posted speed will be 10 mph.

The main entrance is expected to open permanently by early October, at which time the Hatchery entrance will again be closed.

Attention Park Visitors: Please adhere to trail closure signs during the construction process. The shop road/horse trailer access road is currently closed but will reopen when it is safe to do so. We ask that horse trailers please use our overflow gravel parking lot for the time being!

Note: The completed campground will not impact trail areas, this is only temporary while work is being done. Thank you!

The park’s water slide will remain closed and is scheduled to be removed later this year. Originally constructed in 1983, it has been idle since 2023 due to equipment failures, which now make it unsafe to operate. Fixing the equipment will cost too much to be feasible, given the age of the structure.

Park management is evaluating alternative uses for the space once the waterslide is removed.


Historic Building Renovations:

The park will also be working on historic building renovations. Please be mindful of workers in the area.

Eagle Island State Park in mid-2022 enacted a new policy regarding dogs off-leash and has designated an area and trails that are open to off-leash dogs that are under the demonstrated control of their owners. Click here for details.

New Eagle Island Dog Policy:

Pilot Program Creates Off-Leash Areas and Trails But Requires Dogs To Be Leashed Everywhere Else

The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation has implemented a pilot program to create off-leash areas within the park, after considering the constructive feedback from the public following a May 12, 2022 open house.

Per state law (IDAPA, dogs must be on a leash at State Parks, but the department has the ability to designate off-leash areas.

Dogs are now allowed to be off-leash on designated, off-leash trails and in the newly designated Dogs Off-Leash Area (please see map) – but only if the owner demonstrates control over their animal(s). Having control of an off-leash dog means the owner prevents the pet from disturbing other park visitors and wildlife, and the owner has the ability to recall the animal at any time.

The 212-acre, Dogs Off-Leash Area will be south of the main access road, and south of the old Slaughterhouse and Warden’s House (blue shaded area on map). Please note that the area remains a working farm, so dog owners can expect flood irrigation. Two areas where dogs have formerly been allowed off-leash, north and south of the Prison Dormitory Road, will no longer be available because of the new campground and associated pond, which will break ground in fall 2022.

  • Off-Leash Area Requirements: Dogs cannot harass people, wildlife or other pets. Owners must carry a leash, waste bag, and clean up after their animal(s).
  • Off-Leash Trail Requirements: An unleashed dog must be within 30 feet of its owner and under voice control. Dogs cannot harass people, wildlife or other pets. Owners must carry a leash, waste bag, and clean up after their animal(s).

Note: Dogs are only allowed off-leash in the Off-Leash Area and on the designated, off-leash trails. In the park’s core area – near the waterslide, the picnic areas, the disc golf course and zipline attractions – dogs must be leashed. The lake and beach will continue to be off limits for canines.

The department will closely monitor the pilot program, which is subject to change at any time. Common sense and respect for others can make this pilot a success. Thank you for your support of Eagle Island and for your efforts to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for everyone.

See map of off-leash area and designated off-leash trails.

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