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The South Idaho Park N’ Ski area is a great place to stay and play.  The trails in this area are used to access the Idaho City Backcountry Yurt System.

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Remember, this is a multi-use trail system open to skiers, snowshoers, fat-tire bikers, and hikers. Please preserve the tracks for skiers by utilizing the trail lane intended for your user group.

DetailsBeaver Creek Summit Park N' Ski
Location25 m N of Idaho City off Hwy 21
DifficultyIntermediate - Advanced
Distance3 m
YurtYes - Stargaze Yurt
Backcountry ski potential Yes - fabulous!
AboutThis ungroomed out-and-back trail is designed especially for backcountry Nordic folks, whether on skis or snowshoes. You'll understand how it got its name after you make your way to the top of Stargaze Point (1.5 miles one way) where you'll find a 360 degree view of the Boise National Forest that includes Pilots Peak, Wilson Butte, Sunset Peak, Rock Creek and Scott Mountain. At over 6,500 feet, it's the perfect Telemark skiing on many north and west facing slopes where there is deep powder most winter seasons.
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ParkingThe Park N' Ski parking lot is just before the snowplow turn around on the left side of Hwy 21, about 300 yards before the Beaver Creek Summit. Do not park in the snowplow turn around parking lot. From the parking lot ski/snowshoe along the shoulder of Hwy 21 for about 300 yards until you reach the highest point, Beaver Creek Summit. At the summit turn left on an old road bed marked with a sign post saying "Stargaze Trail."
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Beaver Creek Summit location map

Beaver Creek Summit Winter Parking Rules
DetailsBanner Ridge Park N' Ski
Location23 m N of Idaho City off Hwy 21
DifficultyIntermediate - Advanced
Distance22 m/35.4 km
GroomingYes - set track for traditional kick and glide
YurtYes - Banner Ridge and Elkhorn Yurts
Backcountry ski potential Yes
DogsYes on ungroomed trails only
About If you like to crank out the miles on your skis, backcountry ski or cruise around on snowshoes either on-trail or off-trail, the Banner Ridge area is packed with opportunity and fun. It's a pretty steep 1.3-mile climb from the trailhead to the ridge, but once you're on top, there are many loops, big views and open bowls to enjoy from there.
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Banner Ridge location map

Banner Ridge Winter Parking Rules
DetailsGold Fork Park N' Ski
LocationLocation 20 miles north of Idaho City off Highway 21
DifficultyBeginner - intermediate
DistanceTotal 21.4 m/34.4 km; Gold Fork Loop - 5.1 m /8.2 km; Skyline Loop 4 m/6.4 km
GroomingYes - set for traditional kick and glide
YurtYes - Whispering Pine and Skyline Yurts
Backcountry ski potential Yes on the Gold Fork side
DogsYes on all trails
AboutThe Gold Fork Park N' Ski area provides access to two complete trail systems on either side of Hwy 21. One trail tours the Gold Fork area, the other loops the Skyline area and connects to the greater Banner Ridge/Beaver Creek trail systems. A separate ungroomed snowshoe trail tours a ridge in the Gold Fork area. There's also a short snowshoe trail from the Skyline yurt. This is a great place to take kids for an easy, low key outing.
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Gold Fork location map

Gold Fork Winter Parking Rules
DetailsWhoop-Um-Up Park N' Ski
Location18 m N of Idaho City on Hwy 21
DifficultyBeginner - intermediate
Distance6.6m/10.6km ski trails
YurtYes - Rocky Ridge Yurt
Backcountry ski potential No
AboutSnowshoers with dogs love Whoop-Um-Up because this is one of the areas where dogs are welcome. Dogs are also welcome in the Rocky Ridge yurt. Be aware that the parking area is shared with snowmobiles, so you will encounter snow machines as you gear up for your adventure. Trails can be a bit rugged in this area with a few steep and challenging downhill sections along the creek trail.
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Whoop-Um-Up location map

Whoop-Um-Up Parking Guide

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