Water-access at Niagara Springs, Crystal Springs Lake, and Box Canyon has been closed in response to the discovery of quagga mussels upstream at Centennial Water Park in Twin Falls. Visit agri.idaho.gov for updates and more information.
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Construction is Coming:

Work on the new campground will begin in mid-September and is expected to last until late August 2024, impacting area traffic. For safety, construction traffic — including dump trucks and heavy equipment — will utilize Eagle Island Parkway off State Highway 44/State Street; public traffic generally will not be allowed. Keeping construction equipment out of the residential area will reduce conflict and noise impacts.

Park visitor traffic will be rerouted to Hatchery Road/Trout Road off of Linder Road for the duration of construction. Project updates will be posted here throughout the work. The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation is working with the Ada County Highway District and the Idaho Transportation Department on the project to mitigate the impacts to the greatest extend possible.

Historic Building Renovations:

The park will also be working on historic building renovations. Please be mindful of workers in the area.

Eagle Island State Park in mid-2022 enacted a new policy regarding dogs off-leash and has designated an area and trails that are open to off-leash dogs that are under the demonstrated control of their owners. Click here for details.

Eagle Island State Park was first purchased by the State in 1929. Prior to that, it was used for agricultural purposes, primarily as grazing land for cattle and hogs. Other agricultural crops have included grain, hay and various vegetable crops. The site was operated as a penitentiary farm until 1977. In 1983, the State developed the site as a park to include a water slide, picnic areas, restrooms, concessions, swimming areas and trails.

arial view of eagle island state park

Today, the 545-acre park is still predominantly rural in character. Located in the southwest corner of Idaho, it is bordered on the north and south by the Boise River with agricultural land to the east and west. Urban and suburban uses have also developed around the park in recent years with residential neighborhoods north and south across the two channels of the Boise River. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game operates a fish hatchery to the southwest of Eagle Island State Park.

The park is heavily used in the summers by visitors swimming in the lake and using the water slide, picnicking, playing disc golf, walking on the many trails, and engaging in other types of passive, informal recreation. There are also a number of scheduled events at the park, drawing large numbers of visitors to the site. Many groups use the east shelter for weddings, receptions, birthdays and other family events. The rest of the year, the park is currently used for fishing, hiking, and horseback riding.

History Timeline

1929 – State Board of Prisons purchases Eagle Island property for use as a prison honor farm.

1930 – Eagle Island Prison Farm begins operations with 40 trustees.  Dairy barns and milking parlor built.  Original bunkhouse and dining hall/kitchen is completed.

1949 – Dormitory built by prison labor.

1965 – Idaho State Legislature enacted enabling legislation creating the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR).  Slaughter house is built at Eagle Island Prison Farm.

1977 – Idaho Department of Corrections discontinues operation of Eagle Island Honor Farm and turns over the property to the Idaho Department of Lands.  Idaho Department of Lands Board votes to set aside Eagle Island property for development as a State Park.

1980 – IDPR Board approves Eagle Island State Park General Development Plan and hires first manager.

June 25, 1983 – Eagle Island State Park is dedicated.  Approximately 26 acres developed with waterslide, picnic areas, restrooms, concession building and swimming area.

Current Conditions

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Phone: (208) 939-0696
Hours of Operation: Sunrise to sunset

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