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Spring Update 2022:

With the spring wildflowers blooming, we know everyone is ready to come out and enjoy the spectacular views along Skyline Drive! Please have some patience, although the road is open to traffic, we have not fully cleared the windfall, so trailers are not recommended. There is an active logging sale occurring on the southwest side of Iron Mountain. Unfortunately, there was a large Ponderosa Pine Bark Beetle infestation, and we are trying to stop its spread. As a result, Skyline may be blocked between Mile Marker 14 and 15. There is a road that bypasses the area on the uphill side. We also have a habitat restoration project at the far west park boundary, which is still in the cleanup phase, so it looks a little rough. We are targeting having the water system for Redtail Campground (just below Mission Mountain) activated and all trails cleared by Memorial Day Weekend. Thanks for your patience and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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