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Trail Ranger Program

Idaho has one of the largest systems of single-track trail in the United States. Keeping those seemingly endless miles of trails accessible to users is a task coordinated by the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR) Trail Ranger Program.  Funded by Idaho OHV users’ certificate of number fees, the number one goal of the IDPR Trail Ranger Program is to open the most miles of trail in a season while at the same time improving the trail system so all users can enjoy Idaho’s trails.  By making more miles of trail available to trail users, users are dispersed, environmental impacts are minimized and user conflict is reduced. 
Every spring other management agencies around the state participate in the program. Participating agencies provide temporary housing for trail rangers as close as possible to the trail system. Housing is usually rustic — such as a Forest Service guard station; but includes a sheltered sleeping area, cooking facilities, a clean drinkable source of water, showers, and refrigeration for food. The Trail Ranger Program makes more miles of trail useable earlier in the year by removing downfall, turning out water and removing other debris from the trail. 
Want to be a trail ranger in Idaho? Download a IDPR Trail Ranger application.

Trail Cat Program

The Trail Cat Program builds or rebuilds ATV and single track trails.  A mini dozer takes care of the work for the ATV trails and can build about one mile of ATV trail a day, depending upon the terrain.  A mini-excavator can build about 1/4 mile of single track trail a day in various terrain.

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Contact the specialist in your area:

Southwest Idaho
Michael Robinson or call (208)514-2413

North Idaho
Nathan Sparks or call (208) 769-1511

East Idaho
Brian Dilenge or call (208) 701-7078

Trail Ranger and Trail Cat reports

Trail Ranger and Trail Cat reports are conveniently available on the Idaho ATV/Motorbike Program Facebook. Click the following links to view reports for the NorthSouth, and East Regions, and be sure to “Like” the program to receive regular reports and event-related information. You can also obtain the most recent report for clearing in your area by contacting the Trails Specialist for your region (above).

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