World Migratory Bird Day – “Dim the Lights for Birds at Night” Event – May 14, Ponderosa State Park, McCall, Idaho

Wednesday April 13, 2022

“Dim the Lights for Birds at Night” is the theme for this year’s World Migratory Bird Day (IMBD). Night skies typically provide calmer air space and fewer predators and

most birds migrate at night. Nocturnally migrating birds include ducks and geese, plovers, sandpipers and songbirds of every type. These birds may travel thousands of miles between their breeding and non-breeding grounds. Artificial light is increasing globally and light pollution from homes, businesses, and other infrastructure attracts and disorients migrating birds. As a result, birds may land in areas where they are more vulnerable to collisions and other dangers. Artificial light may also disrupt feeding and other behaviors in breeding territories. Artificial light is increasing globally by at least 2 percent a year.     

“Dim the lights for birds at night” highlights the need for individuals, communities and government agencies to work together to reduce the impact of light pollution on our native birds and other wildlife. There are many simple actions that people can take to help birds along their way such as reducing the amount of light outside your home or place of business (motion detectors, minimum wattage) and directing lighting downward.   We will explore more options during our local Bird Day Event, May 14, hosted by Ponderosa State Park in cooperation with the Payette National Forest.

Join us for the following activities:

10:30a.m. to 1:30pm: Information booth and fun activities for all ages, including a Junior Rangers program and a presentation with a live owl. Meet at the Ponderosa State Park Activity Center.  

There is a $7.00 Motor Vehicle Entrance Fee to the park, unless you have a valid Idaho Passport or Idaho Annual Pass attached to your vehicle.

For more information visit Ponderosa State Park and Payette National Forest (R4) Facebook pages.