Idaho Parks and Recreation Releases 2021 Idaho Trail Supporter Sticker

Friday June 11, 2021

Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR) is excited to release the second edition of their Idaho Trails Supporter Sticker, featuring a new color scheme and year marker. Like the original, the 2021 sticker will be $10 and can be found online at and at the following vendors:

  • REI in Boise
  • Both George’s Cycles locations in Boise (after June 20th)
  • JD’s Bodega in Boise
  • IDPR HQ in Boise
  • Hyperspud Sports in Moscow
  • Idaho Mountain Trading in Idaho Falls (after June 20th)

“We are overwhelmed by public response in support of Idaho’s trails2021 Idaho Trail Supporter Sticker is now available. Image of a biker at sunset,” said Tom Helmer, Non-Motorized Trail Manager. “If you’re a trail user, this is one of the many ways you can give back.”

The original release of the Idaho Trails Supporter Sticker in June 2020 has raised over $18,000 dollars for trail efforts around the state. The funds are already being put into action through various partnerships this year.

Projects include maintenance on a section of the Idaho Centennial Trail near upper Priest Lake, signage on the Idaho Centennial Trail statewide, and support for National Trails Day events.

Later this year some of the funding will go towards a first-of-its-kind adaptive mountain bike (aMTB) trail in the Treasure Valley. This 4 to 5-mile trail, to be located off Highway 55 near Avimor, will include accessibility for everybody, regardless of physical impairment, skill level, or experience.

Project partners include the Southwest Idaho Mountain Bike Association (SWIMBA), the Backcountry Horseman (BCH), and the Idaho Trails Association (ITA).

If you are interested in becoming a vendor for the Idaho Trails Support sticker, please contact Tom Helmer at

Get your Idaho Trails Supporter Sticker today!