Hazardous Tree Removal at Eagle Island State Park to Begin Nov 14, 2022

Thursday November 10, 2022

Contact: Eagle Island State Park | 208-939-0696, EAG@idpr.idaho.gov 

Park staff will be conducting hazardous tree removal and clean up at Eagle Island State Park beginning November 14-17, 2022.

The decision to remove the trees in question was arrived at while working through the hazard tree assessment process that is used to identify potential hazards and maintenance issues related to tree health in the park. The trees that will be removed are at the end of their life, have been stressed due to disease, and are located in areas that present a hazard to the public or the facilities of the park. To ensure visitor safety and allow park staff to complete this important project please do not enter work areas during the tree removal and cleanup process.

For additional information please contact the park at EAG@idpr.idaho.gov or by phone at 208-939-0696