Fire Restrictions Within Idaho State Parks (Updated 08/26/2021)

Thursday July 15, 2021

**Updated Information** 08/26/21

The latest BLM guidance has allowed us to remove or reduce fire restrictions in north Idaho parks. At this time, all fire bans have been removed in north Idaho parks with the exception of the following, which remain in Stage 1 (fires only in permitted rings):
- Winchester Lake State Park
- Dworshak State Park
- Hells Gate State Park
- McCroskey State Park
A reminder that Bruneau Dunes State Park remains under Stage 2 restrictions, meaning no fires are permitted. All other southern and eastern Idaho state parks remain in Stage 1.

As areas of Idaho move to Stage 2 fire restrictions and as Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) implemented open fire bans due to poor air quality, Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR) will implement the ban on campfires and will also be banning propane-fueled fire rings.

As of July 15, 2021, all north region state parks (list below) are banning campfires and propane-fueled fire rings. Propane grills and cooking stoves are still permitted at this time.

The southern portion of the state will be moving to Stage 1 fire restrictions on July 16, 2021. While this does not prohibit campfires or propane-fueled fire rings, IDPR will put a full ban on fires if the restriction level moves to Stage 2 or DEQ bans open fires due to air quality.

We are acting in accordance with the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) air quality restrictions and regional Forest Service/Idaho Department of Lands (IDL) fire bans,” said Chelsea Chambers, Public Information Specialist at IDPR. “This is being implemented to help protect our resources and quality of life.”

Current Parks with Campfire and Propane-Fueled Fire Ring Bans:

  • Priest Lake State Park
  • Round Lake State Park
  • Farragut State Park
  • Heyburn State Park
  • McCroskey State Park
  • Dworshak State Park
  • Hells Gate State Park
  • Winchester Lake State Park