Eagle Island Water Slide Slated for Removal

Thursday May 23, 2024

After careful consideration, the water slide at Eagle Island State Park will remain closed and is scheduled to be removed later this year. The slide, originally constructed in 1983, has been idle since 2023 due to equipment failures. The aging structure has too many machinery issues to be considered feasible to fix given the obsolete equipment and extreme cost to retrofit the slide.  

“The water slide at Eagle Island State Park experienced a lot of operational concerns over the last season that have led to the difficult decision to close it down after 40 years,” shared park manager Johannes Giessen. “The failure of the chlorination system, the failure of the water filtration and pump systems, the worn structures, as well as a rusted out holding pool led to the closure. A lot of these components were original and at the end of their lives and cannot be replaced.” 

While no decisions have been finalized at this time, park management is evaluating alternative uses for the space once the waterslide is removed. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. We do ask that park visitors avoid the water slide area and adhere to all posted closure signs. Thank you for your understanding.