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The Kelton Road offers views of the abutments for the bridge that carried wagons traveling the Oregon Trail. From about 1864 to 1883 this was on the regular route that carried mail, freight and passengers between Boise and the railhead at Kelton, Utah. The trail had so much traffic that grooves were cut into the rocks, but by July 1884, a traveler on the old route noticed that “grass grows over the defunct overland Kelton stage road where a weary traveler once traveled in clouds of dust…”

Most of the history at this park is on the geologic scale. The cracks and folds of rock along the canyon cliffs record the movements of earth, lava and water.  The shorter history of humans in the area starts with the Indians, who piled rocks along the rim to capture bison and other game animals. The historic Kelton Trail runs through the park, providing Western-history buffs with excellent wagon ruts and traces of the Kelton Stage Stop.

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