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Spring 2024 Update:

Spring is slowly finding its way into Harriman State Park of Idaho. The snow is melting and wildlife is beginning to awaken. Spring Trail Closures are now in effect April 15-June 15. The John Muir, River Loop and Big Bend trails are closed for Waterfowl Nesting. The remainder of the trails are open for walking and still some snowshoeing. All snowshoe and ski rentals have ended for the season.

Harriman is now participating in the Idaho Fish and Game loaner fishing rod program. Beginning Memorial Day weekend, we will begin loaning out Spin Rods with lures for use at East Harriman Fishing Pond. ** Please note that the following are the only nearby locations for Year Round Spin Fishing:
East Harriman Fish Pond; Henrys Lake; Sawtell Fish Pond. Idaho Fishing License is required for all Idaho fishing (including with loaner rods). They can be purchased at many fly shops and locations nearby. Please note Harriman State Park does NOT sell fishing licenses. A reminder that fishing on the Henrys Fork in Harriman State Park and at Osborne Bridge does not open until June 15th. Fishing on the Henry’s Fork is fly fishing only (no bait).

There is a $7 Motor Vehicle Entrance Fee (MVEF) per vehicle to visit the Park. You can purchase a 2024 Annual MVEF Pass for $80 at the Park Headquarters. Vehicles registered in the State of Idaho can purchase a $10 Idaho State Park Passport from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Daily entrance fees can be paid at the Visitor Center during the hours of 9-5 or at the main entrance outside of Visitor Center hours.

Attention: Dogs are only permitted in parking lots. There are no summer trails for use with dogs. Dogs cannot be left unattended and must always be on a six-foot leash. Department employees may impound or remove any stray or unattended animals at the owner’s expense. (IDAPA 26.01 20.175. 09)

As Spring approaches, the bears are beginning to awaken. Follow all steps to be Bear Aware! Remember to make noise; travel in groups only hike/bike during daylight hours. Always carry bear spray.

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Park Reservations
By phone: 1-888-9-CAMPID or 1-888-922-6743
Become a Friend of Harriman State Parka citizen support group, which serves as a fund raising and volunteer partner for Harriman State Park. FHSP works in cooperation with the park to enhance and preserve the park’s natural and cultural resources and visitor experience. FSHP is a project-driven group. With proceeds from the “Buy a Buck” campaign, the group has replaced the historic jack fence along Highway 20, produced the “Harriman Legacy” DVD, teamed up with Writers at Harriman, and started a native plant garden at the Harriman Visitor Center. They have also written a number of grants for projects that will directly benefit Harriman State Park.
Writers at Harriman is a one week workshop for high school students held the first week of August every year.
Mountains and Strings is a chamber music camp held for kids in mid July.
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Address: 3489 Green Canyon Rd
Island Park, ID 83429
Phone: (208) 558-7368
Hours of Operation: Day-use locations within state parks are open from 7 am to 10 pm, per Idaho state code 26.01.20 (5). Day-use hours may change based on park manager discretion.

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