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Idaho Trails App – Help and Tutorials

Help & Tutorials

Learn how to use features of the Idaho Trails Mapping Application.

When procedures vary, tutorials are provided for both the current and Legacy (2023) versions of the App. Both versions will be available during a transition period until the Legacy app is retired.

Legacy App (2023)

Report any issues with the map or app here. Please include details about the mobile device or PC type, web browser used, and screenshots of screen messages. Include a Share URL or geocoordinates (lat/lon), and explanation when reporting a map error. 

Android users: To accommodate devices of differing capabilities, two versions of the Idaho Trails App are available. If a blank screen is encountered when zooming the map in, tap the Go to Mobile App button to switch to the Mobile version.

Alternatively, try installing Firefox browser, which on some Android devices addresses the issue of blank map screen on zooming in the Advanced version. This may allow you to take advantage of the extra functionality of Advanced. 

Feedback from users of devices on which the Advanced version does not function will help the software provider to develop a single version including full functionality irrespective of device. 

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