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Why should I number my snowmobile?

Idaho snowmobile owners are legally obligated to number their snowmobiles on or before November 1 of each year.

How do I number a new or used snowmobile?

A snowmobile must be numbered before it leaves the premises of a snowmobile dealer/retailer at the time of sale.  The purchaser of a used snowmobile, which has been previously issued a certificate of number, must transfer the certificate of number within 15 days of the sale. The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation or its vendors will prepare a new certificate of number with the purchaser’s name and address. The transfer fee is $4.50. Applications for an Idaho title must be filed at the nearest county assessor’s office. Idaho Code 67-7103.

How do I renew my snowmobile certificate of number?

The easiest way to renew your snowmobile certificate of number is to go online at Idaho Parks and Rec.  You may also renew at your local DMV or a designated vendor.

How much are certificate of number fees?

Certificate of number fees are $45.50 for residents and $59.50 non-residents and $75.50 for rental machines. Resident 2-year for $89.50 and non-resident 2-year for $117.50. 

How long is my sticker valid?

For one year.  All certificates of number are valid from November 1 to October 31 of the following year. Idaho Code 67-7103

Do I have to number my snowmobile if I am a not a resident of Idaho?

Idaho requires all out-of-state snowmobilers to purchase a nonresident snowmobile user certificate. The certificate costs $59.50 and is available at authorized snowmobile registration vendors. It is good for a period of one year. Short term certificates are not available. Nonresidents may designate their certificate fees to the county snowmobile program of their primary use.

Where do I put the certificate of number stickers on my snowmobile?

The validation sticker shall be located on the snowmobile and shall be completely visible and shall be maintained in legible condition whenever the snowmobile is in operation.

Where do my certificate of number dollars go?

Snowmobile Certificate of Number Designation Map

Your sticker purchase goes back into your sport!  Certificate of number dollars collected go back into programs that benefit snowmobilers.  You can designate which Idaho county you want your dollars to go.  Each county with a snowmobile program is entitled to 85% of the numbering fees designated for that county. The money may only be used for county snowmobile programs such as maintenance and operation of snowmobile trail groomers, signing of snowmobile trails, plowing parking lots, and maintaining warming shelters. Up to 15% of the state snowmobile account generated each year may be used by the department for administrative costs, such as the cost of the sticker and mailing renewal notices.

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