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The Idaho snowmobile program is funded through certificate of number fees purchased by snowmobilers. On November 1 of each year every snowmobile operated on private or public land must be numbered.


Resident: $45.50

Non-Resident: $59.50

Rentals: $75.50

You may also purchase a resident 2-year for $89.50 and non-resident 2-year for $117.50. 

Note: non-residents are not exempt from purchasing an Idaho snowmobile certificate of number.

Economic Impact

Download the Economic Impact and Importance of Snowmobiling in Idaho.


To ensure the area you ride has enough funding to operate throughout the season, please designate your certificate of number fees to the county you ride.

Designation Area map

How is your certificate of number fee broken down?

  • $1.50 vendor fee
  • $1.00 snowmobile related Search and Rescue efforts
  • 85% goes to the county operated snowmobile grooming programs 
  • Up to 15% goes to administration fees and the printing costs of registration stickers.

What are the certificate of number fees used for?

  • Grooming
  • Parking lot plowing
  • Signing
  • Clearing groomed trails
  • Avalanche classes
  • New rider classes

When does grooming occur?

Grooming happens as weather, snow and safety permit. The below bullets briefly identify when programs groom trails.

  • When safety of the equipment and operators are not a concern.
  • When there is a minimum of 18” of snow in the parking lot.
  • When avalanche conditions do not pose a safety concern for grooming operations.
  • When the grooming temperatures are between -20⁰F and 40⁰F.

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