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Helpful Hints for Booking Multiple Campsites and Facilities

Q. What if I have a group that requires fewer than 7 campsites and/or individual facilities?

A. You may make your reservations through the Call Center.

Note that full payment by credit card at the time of booking or payment by check within 14 days will be required for Call Center reservations.

In every instance, the name, address, and phone number of each occupant will be required at the time of booking a reservation for fewer than 7 individual campsites or facilities.

Q. Do I need to have a group leader to reserve blocks of 7 or more campsites and/or individual camping facilities (camping cabins, yurts, etc.)?

A. Yes, group leaders are responsible for making the reservation, coordinating all of the details of what is needed and when, and disseminating all information relating to your reservation to the rest of the group members.

Q. So, I am a group leader and I need 7 or more campsites and/or individual facilities (camping cabins, yurts, etc.), what do I need to know before I contact the Call Center?

A. You need to have the following information collected before you make your call:

  1. Where do you want to hold your group camping event?
    • 1st choice
    • 2nd choice 
  2. On what dates will your group camping event be held?
    • 1st choice
      • First night ___/___/___ Last night ___/___/___ Departure Date ___/___/___
    • 2nd choice
      • First night ___/___/___ Last night ___/___/___ Departure Date ___/___/___
  3. How many nights total do you wish to stay?
  4. How many people will be a part of your group?
  5. How many campsites or individual facilities are needed?
  6. Are there any other group-use areas within the park that you will need to reserve for your event, such as playing fields, amphitheaters, bonfire pits, etc.? Note that many of these types of areas can only be reserved by contacting your destination park. The Call Center agent will inform you when this is the case.
  7. Payment information
    • If paying at the time of booking, credit card number.
    • If not, will you be paying by check(s) or individual credit cards? Note that all fees must be paid within 14 days of making your group reservation. Unpaid reservations will be cancelled after 14 days.
Q. I’m ready to make my reservation, what is my next step?

A. Have all of the information about your group event in hand and call 1 (888) 922-6743 when the agent answers the phone, be sure to confirm that you wish to make a group reservation. The agent will then guide you through the process.

Take care to identify to the agent the organization name you wish for the group to be identified by during the course of your call. You and your group members will need to refer to this name when speaking with Call Center agents and park staff about your reservation.

Q. Once I have reserved a block of campsites or individual facilities, how do I make sure that everyone in my group knows where they will be staying?

A. The group may choose to leave the entire reservation (all individual campsites and facilities) under the name of the group leader, or they may choose to have each individual member of the group contact the Call Center to obtain individual campsite and facility assignments within the block already reserved by the group leader, and make individual payments.


First Option – If the reservation is to be managed under the group leader’s name, the group leader is responsible to ensure that all payments for all campsites and facilities reserved are made within the timeframes required.  Individual discounts (RV Sticker Holders, Disabled Idaho Veteran, etc.) cannot be honored at the time of reservation, but may be applied upon check-in.


Second Option – Each member of the group must contact the Call Center individually to obtain a campsite or facility assignment and make payment.  Individual discounts (RV Holder, Disabled Idaho Veteran, etc.) will be honored in this case.

Q. When members of my group or I call, what information will the agent need to process individual site assignments or collect payment?

A. When you or any member of your group contacts the Call Center to secure an individual site assignment and make payment, it is important that the Call Center agent be provided the following information:

  • Your Reservation Number
  • Group Name or Group Leader’s Name & Phone number
  • The dates of arrival & departure
  • Preferred Site (contingent upon availability). (If the camper desires a campsite next to “Mr. Smith,” the agent needs to be informed at this time.)
  • The camper’s name, phone number, and full mailing address
  • Payment must be provided at the time a site assignment is made

All information and full payment for each individual campsite or facility comprising the group reservation are due within 14 days of when the original group reservation was made; otherwise the unpaid portions of the reservation will be automatically cancelled.

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