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What is a camping unit?

A camping unit is the combined equipment and people capacity that a site or facility will accommodate. 

What is the capacity of a campsite?

Maximum capacity limits on each campsite are subject to each site’s design and size. Unless otherwise specified, and provided the combined equipment and people fit within the designated camping area of the site selected, the maximum capacity will be one (1) family unit or a party of no more than eight (8) persons, two (2) tents and two (2) motor vehicles. No more than one (1) RV may occupy a site. Two (2) motorcycles are the equivalent of one (1) motor vehicle when determining campsite capacity. Each motorcycle will be subject to the MVEF.

Where can I park extra rigs?

Each campsite is allowed one extra vehicle, per campsite at a cost of $7 (the standard motor vehicle entry fee).  Boats, trailers and other motorized vehicles must fit entirely within the camping parking spur.  If it doesn’t fit, it must be parked outside the campground area in a location designated by the park manager or a second campsite must be purchased.

Can I camp on a beach or day-use area in an Idaho State Park?

Camping is not permitted on beaches, parking lots or day-use facilities.

Can I ride my ATV or motorbike in the park?

ATVs and motorbikes must stay on established roadways or in parking lots. If used in the park they must pay the $7 motor vehicle entry fee or display an MVEF sticker or Idaho State Parks Passport.

May I bring my pet?

Pets are welcome in most Idaho State Parks, but some parks prohibit them in some cabins, yurts and they are prohibited from beaches.  Pets must be kept on a leash no longer than 6-feet or confined to a camper.  Do not leave pets unattended in a closed vehicle.  

May I pick flowers or other vegetation in the park?

Wildlife and vegetation are protected in all Idaho State Parks.

Where can I swim?

Swimming is authorized in plainly marked areas.  There are no lifeguards on duty and glass containers are not allowed on beaches or swim areas.

Can I have visitors at my campsite?

Visitors are welcome. If a visitor brings their vehicle into the park, they must pay the $7 motor vehicle entry fee and they are subject to day use hours.

How long can I camp in an Idaho State Park?

Length of stay is limited to 15 days in any 30-day period.

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