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Boating Program Manager (and Southwest Idaho contact)
Phoebe Wallace
Boating Law Enforcement Training Coordinator (and Lewiston area contact)
Randy Herman
(208) 799-5126
Boating Education Safety Trainer (and Southwest Idaho contact)

Rene Rodriguez
(208) 616-2192

Training and Education Coordinator (and North Idaho Contact)
Peter Schuler
Office: (208) 769-1511 
Cell: (206) 234-7793
Training and Education Coordinator (and East Idaho Contact)
Mike Taylor
Office: (208) 701-7081
Cell: (208) 416-3119
To request boater handbooks and other boat safety materials
contact Rene Rodriguez @
If you are selling/buying a boat, please review the information posted
under the last item of the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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