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The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation wants to make sure you are prepared, educated, and legal before you take to the trail with your off-highway vehicle (OHV). Be sure to stay on routes, trails, and areas designated for your vehicle type when you venture out with your OHV.

IDPR Mapping Application

To find OHV trails across the state visit IDPR’s Idaho Trails App. Plan your routes from your PC or mobile device, filter the map to show only the types of routes you want to see, then create custom georeferenced map files (GeoPDFs) for offline mobile navigation or print maps to paper.

Funded by OHV sticker purchases, the web-based Idaho Trails App requires no login to use freely.

Route and trail information is combined into a unified-format interactive map. The underlying technology allows for instant updating of validated changes. The map is continuously validated to US Forest Service Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs), Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Travel Management Area Maps, and Department of Lands (IDL) Recreation Access maps. On-the-ground IDPR Trail Ranger activities, plus direct collaboration with land management agencies such as trail re-route projects, results in more-timely map updates compared to other mapping resources.

Featured Map Locations & Views

This small sample of map links shows how you can explore in the Idaho Trails app, including adjusting Map Layers to see only the route types you want to ride:

Other Map Sources

Paper maps may be obtained at Forest Service and BLM offices around the state.

However, digital options are available including versions for offline, GPS-enabled navigation and tracking purposes. To navigate offline using “GeoPDF” maps such as USFS MVUMs and BLM Travel Maps, install an app that has GeoPDF import and GPS geolocation capability from the Apple App Store or Google Play

Better yet, you can create customized GeoPDFs tailored to an area of interest, your vehicle type, and your preferred basemap type using IDPR’s Idaho Trails App.    

GPS technology in your mobile device combined with GeoPDFs can help you be aware of your current location and track your route to find your way back. Some GeoPDFs may also be downloaded to your PC for review in a PDF reader and printed to paper.

GeoPDF Sources


When using GeoPDF maps in an app on a mobile device, tap the app’s “Store” button. Search inside the app’s interactive map, or try a text-based search with keywords such as “Boise MVUM” or “Challis BLM Travel” to find maps from each agency’s Map Store. All USFS MVUMs and BLM Travel Maps are authoritative, free of charge, and available from the Map Store of the most commonly-used GeoPDF mapping app, Avenza® Maps.

Web Sites and User-Created

Some GeoPDFs may be obtained or are only available from sources outside a map app’s “Store” such as from the web sites linked below. 

You may also create custom GeoPDF maps from IDPR’s Idaho Trails App. These map files can be viewed on a PC, or imported into a GeoPDF-capable app once saved to a mobile device. 

If the same GeoPDF map is available from both an app’s Map Store versus by direct download from a web site, the in-app Map Store method will usually be the best option for obtaining the map.

US Forest Service MVUMs (Regions 1 & 4) BLM Travel Management Idaho Maps Idaho Department of Lands

* Avenza® Map Store links go to the web-based map collection. Maps you select post in a shopping cart then become available for import upon logging into the app on your device. Selecting and downloading maps from the app’s Map Store directly in the mobile app is usually a simpler way to obtain common maps such as MVUMs. However, searching in the web-based Avenza® Map Store may yield better results for difficult-to-find maps.

GeoPDF-compatible Apps and Devices

Beside the industry-standard Avenza® Maps app, as of this writing there are only two known alternative methods of utilizing GeoPDF maps offline: the TrailTech Voyager Pro console (proprietary device; see How-to-import-PDFs video here), and the November 2023 update release of the REVER app. (The owner of GeoPDF technology, TerraGo Technologies, publishes an app to utilize GeoPDFs which is only available privately to developers.)  

Did you know?

When you purchase your certificate of number for your OHV, the fees collected go towards OHV education, safety programs, and trails.

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