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The Idaho ATV/Motorbike (Motorized Trails) program is funded through certificate of number fees purchased by the enthusiast. On January 1 of each year, every motorbike (dirtbike), ATV, UTV, or specialty off-highway vehicle (SOHV) operated on public or private land must be numbered to legally operate. The public exemptions from numbering an off-highway vehicle exists if the vehicle is only for plowing snow or agricultural purposes. The cost of the certificate of number is $12. Idaho Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) certificate of number sticker fees fund education programs, trail clearing, and maintenance projects throughout the state, as well as support valuable ATV/UTV and motorbike safety courses for all ages.

As established by House Bill 75, on January 1, 2020, all non-resident OHV-users are now required to purchase the $12 Idaho registration sticker.

How your certificate of number fees are broken down?

  • $1.50 vendor fee
  • 15% is utilized for administration and the production of certificate of number stickers
  • $1 goes to county sheriffs for dedicated OHV law enforcement
  • $1 goes to Idaho Department of Lands to provide OHV opportunities
  • The remaining 85% goes to trail maintenance, construction and education programs

What are the certificate of number fees used for?

  • ATV, UTV and Motorbike safety programs for all ages
  • Trail maintenance on OHV trails by the IDPR Trail Ranger program
  • Trail maintenance and construction on OHV trails by the IDPR Trail Cat & Mini-Excavator program
  • Online OHV trail mapping application
  • Grants for OHV trail construction, maintenance, signing and trailhead facilities

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