Please Be Kind to the Land, Other Users and Private Property While Off-Roading in the Owyhees

Tuesday April 28, 2020

A record number of off-road riders are hitting the Owyhees to get outdoors, and the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation and our partners would like to remind users to recreate responsibly while having fun.

In recent weeks, a few visitors have left trash, defaced restrooms, and damaged private property while riding the backcountry.

The majority of riders are responsible but the actions of a careless few can tarnish the experience for everyone – and put access for all at risk.

The department urges riders to continue to enjoy the outdoors but to do so respectfully, leaving no trace whenever possible and being mindful of other users. Set the right example while riding and please:

  • Stay off of closed, muddy roads, which are susceptible to rutting this early in the season.
  • Avoid damp areas and keep to established trails.
  • Leave no trash when you visit to preserve the experience for others.
  • Respect private property and stay away from livestock equipment.

Idaho State Parks joins the Owyhee County Commission, the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation, the Idaho State ATV Association, the Treasure Valley Trail Machine Association, Idaho Off-Road 4x4 Club, High Desert Off Road 4X4 Club, the Southern Idaho Desert Racing Association, and the Idaho Recreation Council in urging riders to be responsible.