Pasture for Lease at Castle Rocks State Park

Wednesday February 12, 2020


Contact:           Shalene Dickard, City of Rocks Resource Ranger

208-824-5915 /
Tara Cannon, Assistant Park Manager
208-824-5912 /


Pasture for Lease at Castle Rocks State Park

ALMO (February 11, 2020)—Castle Rocks State Park is offering pasture for cattle grazing from June 3 through September 3, 2020, for 165 animal unit months (AUM). The state park is one of the oldest ranches in the Almo Valley, which has housed cattle since the 1870s. The park’s master plan calls for the continuation of this historic practice, as well as utilizing lease fees to offset over $7,000 in annual operational costs.

Depending on conditions and the availability of feed, the AUM may be increase to 190 AUM. This will be evaluated prior to the final quarterly payment.

Up to 55 cow/calf pairs occupy pastures east of the granite rock formations and generally do not conflict with recreational activities such as hiking and climbing. Cattle are excluded from manicured landscapes and the orchard surrounding the lodge, bunkhouse, and picnic area, as well as the trout fishing pond and designated wetlands.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact the park for bid procedures and other requirements. Sealed bids are being accepted until 3 p.m. Monday, March 16, 2020 and will be opened publicly on that date at the Visitor Center in Almo.

For more information please contact Shalene Dickard, Resources Ranger, at 208-824-5915 ( or Tara Cannon, Assistant Park Manager, at 208-824-5912 (