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Policies and Procedures

    Award Criteria  
    Award Forms  
    Filming in Idaho's State Parks  
    Flag Guidelines  
    Grant and Contract Awards  
    Implementation of Procedures  
    Information Technology Policy  
    Legal Review and Documents  
    Membership In Professional Organizations  
    News Release policy (Under Revision)  
    Records Retention  
    Statewide Brochures  
    Use of IDPR Agency Logos  
    Workplace Expectations  
    Workplace Safety  
    Alternative Work Schedule and Telecommuting  
    Authorization Form  
    Authorization to Release Information Form  
    Controlled Substance Abuse  
    Discrimination and Sexual Harassment  
    Discrimination &Sexual Harassment Notice & Drug Free Workplace Policy Notice & Sign-off  
    Donated Leave  
    Drug Free Workplace  
    Family and Mediacal Leave (FMLA)  
    Leave Time:  Holidays, Vacation,Sick,Special, Unauthorized  
    Performance Expectations: Work Plans, Evals, Correction Action  
    Personnel Records  
    Problem Solving / Due Process  
    Professional Appearance for Non- Uniformed Employees
    Recruitment and Selection  
    Resignations & Reductions in Force   
    Salary Administration  
    Tempoary (Seasonal) Employees  
    Time Recording  
    Volunteer Program  
    Work Hours and Overtime  
    Workers Comp / Retirement / Insurance
    Volunteer Forms  
    Agreement Form  

   Authortiy for Release of Information

   Orientation Checklist

    Volunteer Management Guide for Staff  
    Background Check Memo  
    Criminal History Check Policy  
    Criminal History Request Form  
    Discrimination/Drug-Free/Harrassment Sign Off Memo  
    Emergency Notification Data  
    Seasonal Forms  
    Request Forms & Procedure (Under Revision)  
    Authority for Release of Information  
    Background Check Memo  
    Criminal History Check Policy  
    Criminal History Request Form  
    Direct Deposit  
    Discrimination & Sexual Harassment  
    Drug-Free Workplace  
    Emergency Notification Data  
    I-9 Form  
    Notice of Personnel Action  
    Orientation List  
    Performance Rating  
    Policy Review Checklist  
    Seasonal Employee Standards  
    Temporary Performance Rating  
    Veteran's Status  
    2016 Form W-4  
    State Travel Policy  
    Change and Petty Cash  
    Change Funds  
    Department Moving/Relocation Policy  
    Fleet Management  
    Long Distance Telephone Use  
    P-Card Policy and Procedures  
    Cardholder Application Form  
    Cardholder User Agreement Form  
    Sales Tax Resale or Exemption Certificate Form  
    No Receipt Available Form  
    Fleet Management  
    Inventory Procedures  
    Collections Management  
    Compliance Enforcement
    Compliance Enforcement-Motor Vehicle Registration Search
    Criteria for Facility Naming  
    Deacession Procedure  
    Department Employee Residences  
    Field Personnel Uniform Code  
    Non-Motorized Boat Rental  
    Outdoor Recreation Saftey Equipment/Personnel Uniform
    Other Power-driven Mobility Devices  
    Park Management Classification  
    Sign Manual  
    Special Use Permit  
    Surcharge Envelope  
    After Hours Access to Headquarters Building  
    Master Plan Guidelines  
    Park Descriptions  
    Park Land Classification Systems  
    Park Land Classification Systems Manual  
    Court-enforced Boater Education   
    Outdoor Recreation Saftey Equipment/Personnel Uniform