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Chaos Wars XXIII

Sunday, July 21, 2019 - 1:00pm to Sunday, July 28, 2019 - 12:00pm

Chaos Wars is a week-long, medieval fighting event and festival held every summer in the state of Idaho by the Highlands of Chaos and members from the Western realms of Belegarth. Chaos Wars follows the Belegarth Book of War rule set for all combat purposes and weapons requirements. Come join us for seven days of fighting, camping, feasting, competitions, performances, and all around good time with your extended Belegarth family.

As more information becomes avaiable we shall post it.

Event Staff:
Dragoon Dopp (Jeff Carson)
- Site Liaison: Squire Avianna (lacey Saxton)
- Event Coordinator: Squire Antoinette Finnrsdottir (Kayla Harris)
- EC Shadow: Page Ainie
- Troll: Mouring
- Weapons Check: Squire Kayvaan and Sir Zayl
- Arrow Check: Senzo
- Field: Squire Maple and Squire Braxuss
- Tournaments: Sir Thumbs and Sir Airia
- Tournaments Shadow: Noodle
- Site Logistics-Stuff: Biggs
- Site Logistics - People: Squire Eui and Todelyn
- Family and Sober Life Activities: Bronwyn
- Safety: Squire Tethian and Squire VII
- Day Life: Squire Sin and Squire Naga
- Vendors: Squire Valentine Alkaev and Sir Ace
- Arts and Sciences: Apprentice Sven

- Night Life: Squire Hobbit and Page Kirwi
- Mix Off: Sir Dio and Dragoon Sare
- Slave Auction: Squire Sin and Squire Naga
- Glad Pits: Doku Blackwater
- Warmaster's Pub: Warmaster Hakan
- DJ: Squire Demox

- Volunteer Coordinator: CURRENTLY SEEKING
- Food Services Manager: CURRENTLY SEEKING

The Banner Battler Points System is currently under revision. It is being worked on by:
- Dragoon Dopp
- Troll
- Bear
- Sybion
When there is more information on the banner system you will be updated!

This year, Chaos Wars XXIII will have no overarching theme. We are just going to be Chaos Wars!

Details on Pre-Reg, Chaos Clothing and other event related information will be coming to you shortly!

REMINDER: We rent out basically the entire park outside of the RV Spots and the Tent Camping locations on the opposite side of the RV Spots.

IF YOU ARE COMING TO CHAOS WARS YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REGISTER A SITE WITH THE PARK! If you make the choice to rent your own camping spot, you will still be required to pay the event fee at the regular rate. If there are any questions about this, please message us to clear up any confusion.

Lake Walcott State Park at 959 E Minidoka Dm, Rupert, ID 83350

Contact: Walcott @ or wal@idpr.idaho.gov