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Avalanche Awareness Companion Rescue Field Session (McCall)

Saturday, March 1, 2014 -
9:00am to 3:00pm

Classes without 10 students will be cancelled. Please pre-register. Field locations are subject to change due to snow conditions.

Since avalanches are the number one cause of snowmobile fatalities in the west, the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation is presenting a free Snowmobile based Avalanche Awareness course near you. These practical and popular classes familiarize the winter backcountry enthusiast with hazard recognition and techniques for safe travel in avalanche terrain.


What to expect:

The program is divided into a classroom and field portion. Classroom sessions are a prerequisite to attend a field exercise. The program is 12 hours of training between the classroom and field portion.

Goals of this program:

Understand basic trip planning - understand safe travel techniques - be able to distinguish between safe and potentially hazardous terrain - understand the basics of snow stability analysis - be able to perform basic risk analysis and employ risk mitigation measures - know how to perform individual and small group self-rescue.

Upper Elevation Parking Lot at McCall, ID
44° 54' 39.6216" N, 116° 5' 55.4496" W

Contact: Rich Gummersall @ (208) 514-2414 or Richard.Gummersall@idpr.idaho.gov